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Mike Baker
E-mail: MBaker@RailwayFamilyCenter.org
(989) 465-2079


Membership Options:
The Railway Family Center Annual Membership includes
Access to the Fitness Center
Half off ($25) Fitness Class Punch Card
Open Gym Time

 Auto Draft12 Months
Joining Fee $35 
Joining Fee$65 
Adult Premier$51/Month$612
Joining Fee$95 
Family Premier$87/Month$1115
Premier Memberships include the Coleman Family Center and a
Premier Membership at Greater Midland Community Centers sites. (Midland Community Center, Tennis Center, North-End Fitness Center, North Midland Family Center)
 Railway Family Center Annual Youth Membership includes:

Open Gym Time
Teen Room
Fitness Center(age of 13 or 11 -12 with an adult)