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To Register please call 989-465-2079

Cost: $100/Week or $20/Day or $5/hr

Specials sign up for 3 weeks and get the 4th week  free!!!!

Camp Counselors: Lauren Bader, Mike Baker, Trevor Jones & Michelle McGee



Summer Camp 2014:

Week 1-June 16th-20th

Theme:  Fizz, Boom, Bash! (Science experiments)

·       Field Trip:  Thursday,  June 19th, Dow Library, 10:00a.m-2:00p.m

·       Fitness activities (M,W,F): Basketball, tumbling room, freeze tag

·       Themed days (T): Crazy hair day

·       Arts & Crafts: Making jewelry and bookmarks


Week 2- June 23rd- July 27th

Theme:  Geocache Week  

·       Field Trip: Purple Park, School Forest, Rail Trail

·       Fitness activities (M,W,F): Bike ride, relay races, volleyball

·       Themed days (T): Backwards clothes day

·       Arts & Crafts: Tie dye white tee shirts, socks, etc.


Week 3-June 30th- July 3rd

Theme: Red, White & Blue Week- 4th of July themed arts and crafts

·       Field Trip: Scoops Ice Cream shop, Soldier statue near the Library, Fire station

·       Fitness activities (M,W,F): Tumbling room, tennis, capture the flag

·       Themed days (T):  Wear red, white, and/or blue

·       Arts & Crafts: 4th of July crafts(firework painting, fireworks in a bottle)


Week 4- July 7th- July 11th

Theme: Survivor Week with teams (team challenges each day)

·       Field Trip:  Island Park Spray Park-Mt. Pleasant

·       Fitness activities (M,W,F):  Bike ride, soccer, fitness class

·       Themed days (T): Crazy hat day

·       Arts & Crafts: Creating team headbands


Week 6- July 14th- July 18th

Theme: Water Week

·       Field Trip:  Sanford Spray Park- Water balloon toss, Squirt gun fight, Friday, July 18th- Hands-On History  at Heritage House, 11:00a.m-3:00p.m

·       Fitness activities (M,W,F):  Jump rope and hula hoop contest, beach volleyball, tumbling room

·       Themed days (T):  Beach theme day

·       Arts & Crafts: Decorating visors, bubble popping prints


Week 5- July 21st-25th

Theme: Sports Week (different sport everyday)

·       Field Trip:  Touch a Truck, Thursday, July 24th 9:30a.m-11:30a.m at Dow Library

·       Fitness activities (Everyday):  Lightning, floor hockey, volleyball, basketball, soccer

·       Themed days (T):  Wear Detriot Tigers apparel!

·       Arts & Crafts:  Paper lanterns


Week 7- July 28th-August 1st

Theme: Around the World

·       Field Trip:  Ziibiwing Center & Native American Farmer’s Market, Mt. Pleasant, Friday, 10:00a.m-2:00p.m

·       Fitness activities (M,W,F): Fitness class, bike ride, kickball

·       Themed days (T): Miss match clothes day

·       Arts & Crafts: Dream catchers


Week 8- August 4th- August 8th

Theme:  Outdoor Adventures (hiking, fishing, exploring)

·       Field Trip: School Forest, Beaverton, Herrick

·       Fitness activities (M, W, F): Tumbling room,  Color Run

·       Themed days (T): Dress like Duck Dynasty

·       Arts & Crafts:  Grocery bag kites


Week 9- August 11th-August 15th

Theme: Talent Show

·       Field Trip:  Picnic in the Park, Friday, August 15th

·       Fitness activities (M,W,F):  Bike ride, kickball, relay races

·       Themed days (T):  Dress like a rock star! Or your favorite musician

·       Arts & Crafts: Window clingers



*Field trips and events are tentative and subject to change, parents will be notified the week before of the date, time, and location of each field trip.